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Azure, Github, and a Corporate Proxy

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Recently I started playing around with Azure and deploying an ASP.NET MVC site via its Github linkage. I had some strange issues.

Problem 1: I am a masochist

Under the strange suspicion that I had no idea how to actually build NuGet packages and deploy an ASP.NET site via CI/CD I decided to take on the masochistic task upon myself. If you take a look at my very basic MVC site, you won’t see much of interest. None actually, I’m not sure why you possibly clicked that link.

It’s a basic MVC app using a terrible NuGet package I’ve been deploying that adds some string extension methods. If you run that in Visual Studio, all is well.

Problem 2: The work proxy

I tried to publish it to Azure using the publish feature from VS2013 into Azure but immediately ran into a ‘me’ problem.

You see, I was deploying from my work PC, which is absolutely blocked from doing anything. All of the traffic from my work PC must be published through a web proxy on-site.

This is fine for things like Chrome, which pick those settings up automatically. For cygwin (see problem 1) there are a lot of steps to take.

  • wget/Vagrant: I had to export http_proxy, https_proxy, and ftp_proxy (after pulling down the proxy PAC and finding which proxy address to use).
  • cURL: I had to write a wrapper /usr/local/bin/curl(higher in the PATH) that basically said /usr/bin/curl --proxy 'https://proxyaddress:80' "$@".
  • subversion: I had to add http-proxy-host = proxyaddress into ~/.subversion/servers in the [global] section.
  • git: OMG GIT. So here’s the thing. git behind a corporate firewall is hard. It can’t resolve through DNS and it can’t do anything it needs to do.
    • First I installed ntmlaps into ~/software/ntlmaps
    • Next I set my ~.bash_profile to start up a command in screen if it hasn’t already to start ntlmaps.
      • [[ -n $(screen -ls | grep -E 'git-proxy.\*\((A|De)tached\)$') ]] || screen -d -S git-proxy -m python ~/software/ntlmaps/
    • Next I set git to use this proxy: for i in http https; do git config --global $i.proxy https://localhost:5865

Problem 3: Visual Studio and Azure Deploy

Visual studio cannot deploy to Azure behind a PAC proxy.

Sites like this one claim you can make changes to the VS2013 executable config but I had zero luck.

So little luck in fact that it just plain failed with an unconnectable error.

From then I said nevermind and decided to just link my Azure app to my github repo using the web UI. All went great and it immediately deployed however when I browsed to my website I was greeted with this error..

All of the blog posts and stack overflow questions say to install the WebHelpers NuGet package via Install-Package -Id Microsoft.AspNet.WebHelpers, but that didn’t solve it. It redeployed and had the same error.

The posts also say to just select the Remove additional files at destination checkbox on Visual Studio deploy. Well that’s useless because I cannot deploy via visual studio. After fighting long and hard and redeploying via Github repeatedly, I found the answer.

Answer: Select the Remove additional files at destination no matter what.

Yup. I changed to the guest network, selected the checkbox, published successfully and all went well. My app was now live. I then pushed multiple changes/rebases into the github repo, and it’s been working fine since.