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Barcaderator - Building an Arcade Kegerator

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Introducing a modular arcade kegerator

The Backstory

I recenly got into doing random stuff with arcades. In October 2018 I got ahold of a completely ripped apart San Fransisco Rush cabinet. I redid some of the wood, built a computer into it, reversed all the controls into a teensy and made it play Rocket League. My tattoo shop is currently painting it (build log to come when I have it back).

In trade, I’m fixing their arcade machine.

So now apparently I like real arcade machines and not my now-broken table top.

I also brew beer. Why not combine the two?!

So I introduce to you:

The Hardware

The Software

The lattepanda runs Ubuntu with MAME. I originally chose windows, but LEDBlinky is awful. Just awful. So instead I’ve been working with LEDSpicer by Patricio Rossi. The software worked nearly out of the box and he’s been super helpful for getting me up and running.

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