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Well, I Wrote a Book

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It’s been quite a while since my last post, but I promise I have somewhat of a decent reason. I wrote a book on AWS design patterns!

About 4 months ago I was approached about writing a book on UDOO. I turned it down as I didn’t feel like I would have enough content to write anything meaningful on it other than I have no idea what the name means. I then stayed on their list and reviewed a book on RHEV (or the downstream oVirt) as well as a book on puppet security.

After doing these reviews I figured “why not” and asked if there were any topics I could work on. Long story short I wrote a book on implementing design patterns at AWS.

Writing the book was fairly straight-forward and I didn’t have too many issues. Basically I borrowed a lot of concepts from the very outdated topics from the Ninja Of Three pages (and by borrowed I mean don’t go there) and adapted them for use, updated them to reflect changes at AWS (which get updated so much my book is already out of date before publication - hawt), and gave in depth information on what these patterns mean to DevOps, developers, and customers.

If you’re reading this and really want to help a newbie out, please purchase it as 100% of the proceeds go to student loans and nice bourbon (order not guaranteed).

The book is pending a last review before publication right now. I submitted a few images for the cover photo that have not been selected by the publisher yet but I give you my top two rejected images.

Update 4/29/2015: It’s back up for sale at amazon