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(FIX) GTablet NVFlash Freezing During Upload

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I currently own a ViewSonic GTablet, which I do love the few times I use it, but if you’re like me, you tamper break things you own.

My GTablet runs which I prefer since it’s freaking fast, however with the performance, there are a few bugs, all of which I seemed to hit in a single move….so this is a “Don’t do”:

  • Putting it in airplane mode goes ape-shit. There was no way to get it out, including reboots and settings changes.
  • To fix this, I hit ‘Restore to factory defaults’… Don’t ever do this!
  • This fubared everything, which means restore old Rom…yay for my free time tonight.

So far, whatever…easy fix right?
Well if you’ve made it to this page, you see the title, and that’s what I’m here to fix.
If for some reason you’re trying to NVFlash your gtablet (probably with gtab.nvflash.1.2.branch.20110508 with cwm5504 or gtab.nvflash.1.2.branch.20110508 with, and it’s freezing on the flash, here’s what I did.

In the gtablet.cfg file, swap the partition in question (the one freezing) with the previous one, but swap it on the filesystem level.
For example, my Partition 7 froze on upload, so the diff between the original and my fix: gtablet.cfg-diff
If you want my full fixed file (assuming yours broke on partition 7 as well): gtablet.cfg/4152387