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(FIX) MediaTomb/uShare Won’t Broadcast SSDP

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If you’re running Mediatomb or uShare and your xbox, ps3, tv, or whatever other UPnP/DNLA device doesn’t see the server, here’s a few fixes I’ve discovered.

  • If you’re running SELinux, disable it temporarily (it doesn’t play well sometimes)
  • Both of these use the IGMP protocol to display their SSDP. Try allowing it through IPTables:
# iptables -A INPUT -i <em1|eth0|device name> -s -d -p igmp -j ACCEPT

* Make sure your router allows UPnP * Ensure the right ports are allowed through the firewall * ushare - UDP 1900 - TCP 2869 - TCP 5000 * mediatomb - The port you have set in the /etc/mediatomb.conf as MT_PORT

I spent quite a while trying to figure this out on my set-up, and it turned out the igmp fix was all I needed. Days of work for 1 line in my /etc/sysconfig/iptables file.