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Hulk-Smash Production

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I one-upped my own bad idea with more badness. Don’t do this.

I, uh. Yeah.

I assume you read my previous post about my physical deploy button. Well: I one-upped it.

Let me explain. Nah let’s cut to it. I wanted to play with AWS IoT and I did so shamelessly with much architecture.

The architecture

I had a spare Raspberry Pi Zero W with a camera. So I did what any reasonable person would do. Used it with no end-goal.

I hooked it up to AWS IoT and made it listen to the shadow delta MQTT queue

Basically whenever it saw a change to the shadow it would:

  1. Spin a stepper motor that landed a hulk hand on my deploy production button.
  2. Thanks to py3 threads it would also start the rasp pi camera to watch the hulk smash and send it to giphy.
  3. After the gif is done uploading it would send a gif of the hulk smash back to the user in slack.

The finale

Without further ado I give you: Hulk Smash Production.

The initial gif

And the final gif (yes the hulk hand is duct taped to a bamboo skewer to a stepper motor):