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Pterodactyl - the Bluetooth Dactyl Fork

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I spent far too much time making a bluetooth dactyl keyboard with built in wrist rests

This took about a year, off and on. With covid I finally found some time to finish it.

Build Hardware


I ran into a lot of issues.

  1. With the feather I had to swap GPIOA and GPIOB for EXPANDER_COL_REGISTER and EXPANDER_ROW_REGISTER
  2. It took months for me to realize that the Serial stuff with SPLIT_KEYBOARD here does not work with an IO expander like the MCP23018. This is poorly documented IMO. You have to use two of the same chipsets to use that feature and the feather 32u4 aint cheap
  3. this issue would have been massively helpful originally to know I was wiring it incorrectly.
  4. Swapping the board from the right side to the left side turned out massively tedious and my PR suffers for it.
  5. Im dumb and bought a mislabeled TRS cable as a TRRS cable and it obviously didn’t work combined with my inability to count the rings on it.

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