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Hacking “Aviary” Scooters

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Hacking “aviary” scooters for fun.

I recently came across some neglected and forgotten “Aviary” scooters and wanted to see what could be done.

Segway ES2/4

This was the easiest hack I’ve ever done. Remove the top panel with security bits, and replace the board with one from ebay similar to this

Plug it in and go. Done. Cost: ~$40

Xiaomi Mijia M365

This one was much more fun.


This one was easy. Apparently the Xiaomi Mijia m365 is very commonly hacked already. They’re extremely popular overseas, and people have already dedicated their time to reverse engineering the firmware. So much so that you can just use a webpage to change the settings and download a binary file to upload.

Just download your bin file there, upload with the android app connect to your scooter and go.


This one was also slightly trivial.

First thing I did was 3D printed one of these bad boys.

Then I ordered a 0.96” screen (4 pin i2C not 7 pin SPI)

Next you’ll need an arduino micro pro and an FTD1232 flasher as well as a diode.

Using this code flash the arduino, wire it according to his guides below.

Note: I modified the locale files with some maths along with other tweaks I’m not publishing to do miles instead of kilometers, change the intro logo and colors.

Cover it using any m365 button cover via ebay.