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UDOO and an Arduino LCD Part 2 - 3d Printer

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I finally broke down and bought a 3d printer. It’s from Deezmaker, which I got off kickstarter. I took a pre-made udoo case off thingiverse, and modified it to fit my needs. Thankfully, I still remember how to use Blender, which has native STL support.

I expanded it horizontally a little to allow some cord room, and laid the sata drive below it, with a 3d printed spacer. Then mounted the UDOO inside. After much trial and error on the lid, I got snap fit, and some holes cut out for the button and LCD. I added screw mounts, but that didn’t work out too well, so I ended up supergluing my home-made PCB’s to the underside of it. One is the clock battery, the other is a push button and resistor, attached to an Arduino riser shield just below the screen. Bam.

Also, excuse the not-so-perfect printing and mounting. I’ve literally not printed out anything else. Go big or go home folks. Related: I love 3d printing.

For pics, checkout the updated page